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Climbing Hold Types

Flat edge:

A term used for a hold, that is simply a flat edge on one side of the hold, generally a good hold to hang on, until you start putting them on steeper walls, then they become more difficult to hang on to

Incut Jug:

This generally means that you can get your whole hand behind it. This hold is best for children, on the roof or someone who has just started climbing.

In cut Edge:

Not as good as the jug, but you can still get your fingers behind. These types of holds are normally associated with finger jugs or positive edges. Ideal on any angle of wall, and totally suitable for any level of climber.

The Pinch:

The pinch speaks for itself really, something you have to pinch to be able to use correctly. If you turn the hold sideways on a vertical wall, you turn them into a good multi use climbing hold, with an in cut edge on one side and a good undercut on the other. So don't be put off buying these types of holds

The Sloper:

These are the hardest type of holds. They are generally quite rounded in shape and very hard to hang on, these are great for the more dedicated climber, a great hold to practice contact strength with.


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