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Customer Walls

We provide the holds, you create the walls. Below is a showcase of latest customer creations for your viewing pleasure...

A traverse wall created using Mini Jugs, Stars, Hands and Feet and a Mega Smiley:

A wall created using our bargain bucket holds:

"Just wanted to send you to give some positive feedback. We have no experience of climbing, but ordered the bargain bucket from you to make a climbing wall for our son's fourth birthday. We followed the tips given on the site and instructions sent and the attached pictures are the result. It's a big hit with our son and all his friends. Many's a very unique and fun present."

A children's traverse created in a customers back garden:

Grendon Hall Climbing Tower:

For more info visit

Wiltshire Fire and Rescue:

Imagine coming into work to be able to play around on this!

Jamie Murray:

Here's my new wall in the garage at home just finished it, took me about 3 weeks to make but was well worth it, its angle is completely changeable from vertical all the way down to 45' depending on what i feel like practicing. When i am to get some more holds i will also be adding a small roof on to the top of it to make it a bit harder again. its 8 feet high and 12 wide but as i said am hoping to make it bigger soon...

Andy Cooper:

Ali Watt - Home Training Wall:

Ali Says:

Thanks for the quick delivery - woodie is built -see pic - 18mm ply and 4 x 2 inch framing. Top board in half for easy removal - already tested to 30 mph winds here on Skye - many thanks

Tim Lee - Home Training Wall:

Tim Says:

Just thought I'd send you guys a few pictures of my training wall. It's 8' by 4' vertical ply sheet which then extends onto my hang board which has about 45 degree slope on one side and is flat on the other. Space was very limited in my garage as two cars park in it! Have to say a big thank you to my dad for allowing me to put it in there and helping me make it. I had planned a nice over hanging wall but he wasn't to keen. Love your holds and am currently saving up my pennies to buy another lot as i don't have to many at the moment...

Ben Hammond - Home Training Wall:

James Dexter

An inventive change to the usual walls we see and a mean looking overhang to boot :o)

Gorran School, Cornwall - Traverse Wall:

Wow, what a great looking wall! Here is what Janice Sellors from the school had to say about it...

This our climbing wall that we have just finished in time for a new term at gorran School in Cornwall. Our kids Jacob and Imogen as you can see are already giving it the thumbs up. It has added a real bonus to our school curriculum and brightened up a dull wall.

Keith Spence - Home Wall :

Here is what Keith had to say about his two walls...

I've built two walls in my garage; the first is 8 foot wide by 9 foot high
and partly overhangs by approximately 30 degrees and the second is 12 foot
wide by 9 foot high and overhangs by approximately 10 degrees.

I built the first wall last summer; it evolved from a very narrow wall which
stopped at the height of the rafters to a slightly wider wall that extended
into the roof space (I have recently stripped the holds from this wall so it
looks a bit sparse).

I decided to build a second less steep wall in the winter time that would
allow me to set more fingery problems and to do some more endurance based
training - this time I built the wall as big as I could from the outset.

I've got about 200 holds the majority being from Custom Holds - two garage
sets, some fonts, cobbles, mini jugs, limestones and slugs.

Newquay Sports Centre:



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