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Grab your self a right bargain. Haven't got cash spare or unsure what to buy, then you cant go wrong with this set. You get 30 random coloured and sizes, from medium upwards, and all the fixings including tnuts. A great present for someone you know or if you are just looking for a cheap way of filling up your wall.

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THE GARAGE SET - £114.95

The garage set. You cant really go wrong with this set. 68 holds from huge jugs to tiny slopers, with enough sizes in between to satisfy anyone. You basically get all the best holds from all our sets, split nicely into a mix of funky bright colours. Ideal for setting routes with. Exclusive to this set are the big jugs ideal for any angle and for any level of climber. Comes with all the fixings you need and a t bar.

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30 MINI JUGS - £79.95 

A great set of mini jugs, all very positive and easy. A great set for kids or to add to an existing wall. Fixings for wood included.

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SERIES 3 SET - £139.95

This superb set of 54 holds are an ideal set for any level of climber, especially good for the children as most of the holds tend to lean towards the larger sizes. Split in to smaller sets or buy as one huge set, this really is our biggest set of holds. Comes with all the fixings you need.

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SET OF 41 ORIGINALS - £79.95

The original set, our first complete set of holds, and still as popular. Included from our range in this set is a set of ten large flatties, and medium crimps. Also 14 holds exclusive to this set, from monster slopers, to finger pockets and jugs. This is a great starter set for any wall. Great for kids with a bit of experience, but on the same token a fantastic training set for the hardened climber. This set works to about 40 degrees, and contains some of our nicest finger friendly crimps on the market. Comes complete with all the fixings you need.

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TRAVERSE WALL DIY KIT - £39.50 per metre

A traverse wall in a box (wall not included!). Brighten up a dull wall and turn it into a traverse wall with this comprehensive kit. Includes everything you need from the holds to the fixings and instructions. GREAT FOR SCHOOLS AND CLUBS!

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Medium jugs all very positive and easy to climb on. GREAT FOR KIDS!

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A nice set of 18 small / medium edges, all super positive and a couple of mini jugs in there as well. Great for enhancing finger strength, or even better on the steeper wall. Also good for practicing footwork on.

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6 MINI JUGS - £17.50

Set of 6 mini jugs, suitable for any climber on any angle of wall. Ideal for the kids to play on, or used as good warm up holds for the more serious climber.

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10 MEDIUM RIPPLES - £19.95

10 medium ripples. Medium in size, big in looks, nice mini jugs to compliment any wall. GREAT FOR KIDS!

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Five new flowstone jugs, suitable for any angle of board ... even the roof. Ideal as warm up jugs for the more serious climber, or just nice fun holds for the children to play on, with a funky flowstone feel to them.

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10 LARGE FLAT EDGES - £18.50

A great set of large flat edges, good general holds to be used anywhere on a wall.

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13 LIMESTONES - £24.95

A good set of 13 holds from extra large sloper holds, to two finger pockets, pinches and jugs.

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5 MINI JUGS - £17.50

Our five new mini jugs, these are nice child friendly holds, ideal for walls up to around 50 degrees. Fantastic warm up jugs for the more dedicated climber. The holds have been made to compliment the set of Funky M's.

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Need a hand with your climbing? This great new range of holds add a bit of spice to your wall. Large edges to grab hold of, suitable for any ability. A great hold for kids!



Add a bit of fun to your climbing with our new mega hold. A massive positive jug on his mouth and two large pockets for his eyes. A great hold for kids!


5 LARGE COBLES - £25.50

5 Nice big cobles, big round and fat, ideal on any angle of wall. Put them on a vertical wall and they soon become jugs, they feel like you just come back from the beach.


  3 XL MONSTER JUGS - £22.95

A fantastic set of three extra large jugs, nice and round to give a very comfortable feel to them.


5 LARGE STARS - £21.95

Kids are loving our new large stars (and so are big kids!). They look great on the wall and offer 10 large edges per hold to grab hold of. Great for little fingers and big fingers alike!


4 MEGA JUGS - £25.95

Four new mega jugs, totally friendly for any climber, from kids to hardcore, ideal for any angle of wall.




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